John Colt


An unexpected encounter makes one mesmerizing moment with a stranger become a valued friendship. But Eli never intended Bailey to fall in love with him, never expected their friendship to create a serious complication. Or did he? (Short Story)

Video Games: A Parent’s First Guide has collected the most-relevant information and tips to get your children started with gaming. This saves you, as a parent, from trying to navigate your way through the internet’s maze of articles and data on thousands of products. That mania of jumbled info can be hazardous to your mental health! This guide will leave your kids as the only remaining threat to that. (Sorry, kids!)

John M. Colt started gaming at an early age, has played hundreds of games on all the different systems, alone and with tons of friends. He worked as a manager for a major game retailer for more than six years. What does this mean for you? You can use his knowledge and experience to give your child an awesome introduction to a life-long, entertaining hobby. You can understand what you are looking for and how to choose before you purchase. You can learn the pitfalls and unique challenges to systems and games without wasting money buying and trying. In short, this book will help you set your child up for the best learning experience.

Video Games: A Parent’s First Guide – start learning today!

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